Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay, renowned for its high protein, is the top choice for horse feed. Maple Gems, a leading North American supplier, offers premium “Queen of the Forages” Alfalfa for dairy farms, horses, and livestock. We export to the UAE, Japan, and Canada, catering to both individual and bulk needs.
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Why choose us to buy Alfalfa grass?

Our superior hay grass meets but exceeds your demands as our quality meets your trust in every Alfalfa bale at highly affordable wholesale rates. We offer:

Sustainability Commitment

By implementing regenerative agricultural practices, our Alfalfa hay nourishes horses and revitalizes the soil, promoting a harmonious balance with nature. Our consistent research and innovative forage production techniques make us stand out among the Alfalfa hay suppliers.

Optimal Packaging

Our packaging is designed for wholesale needs, protecting against contamination and ensuring easy storage and transport to Canada, Japan, and the Middle East. We offer dried compressed Alfalfa pellets or fresh Alfalfa in secure packaging based on your requirements.

Custom-Tailored Offerings

Recognizing diverse farm animal needs, we offer solutions from Alfalfa for horses to specific blends for dairy cattle, setting us apart in flexibility and customer satisfaction. Whether to feed your young horse or dairy cows, our freshly grown green Alfalfa chop is the top priority of the farmers.

Dedicated Customer Support

From queries about our Alfalfa hay for sale to in-depth nutritional insights, our team is here to guide and assist. We offer traceability for every batch, ensuring accountability from cultivation to delivery at your doorstep.

Quality Certifications

Our certified Alfalfa, available both in bulk supply and specific quantities, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Each stem is packed with high-quality standards for feeding the nutritional needs of young horses, lactating mares, and cows.

Uninterrupted Supply Promise

With our vast network in North America and an unmatched inventory supply, we guarantee consistent and year-round bulk Alfalfa grass supply for delivery, ensuring your livestock's nutrition is never compromised.

Alfalfa Hay’s Benefits for Horses

Alfalfa Hay’s Benefits for Horses

Our perfectly compressed Alfalfa bales or pellets Alfalfa promotes muscle strength and digestive health in horses with its protein-fiber balance.

Packed with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, it ensures vitality and robust immunity for horses.

Alfalfa Hay’s Benefits for Cattle

Alfalfa Hay’s Benefits for Cattle

Our Alfalfa enhances cattle's weight gain and milk quality.

Rich in essential vitamins, it bolsters bone health and disease resistance in cattle.

Our Unyielding Commitment

Maple Gems isn’t just a wholesale forage supplier; we’re a beacon of excellence in the livestock nutrition landscape. As a prominent bulk provider of hay, each bale of our Alfalfa, each transaction, and each relationship underscores our pledge to quality, trust, and global best practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you buy Alfalfa hay?
Maple Gems is the premium wholesale supplier of Alfalfa grass and other forms of hay for horse and cattle feed. The bulk delivery is offered across Canada and the Gulf at affordable wholesale rates.
How much does Alfalfa hay cost?
The premium quality North America’s Alfalfa hay is available for export across different countries. Contact us for the most affordable wholesale quotes and free delivery.
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