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Welcome to Maple Gems, North America’s leading provider of bulk Timothy hay for horses and cattle. Our reputation as the Timothy hay suppliers globally is unmatched due to our commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of the equine requirements we practice.

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Timothy hay is a primary forage fed to horses and cattle because of its high fiber and low protein content. It’s the owners’ choice because of its increased nutritional content and palatability. Buy Timothy hay for horses in bulk from Maple Gems to get.

Superior Quality

Our hay comes from North America's pristine fields, supervised by expert farmers, ensuring high nutrient content and digestibility for horses. Our compressed Timothy bales, ideal for animals with low calcium or iron needs, are a top choice for horse owners.

Expertly Harvested Timothy

Harnessing precise agronomy techniques, we harvest timothy hay at its nutritional zenith, ensuring each bale captures the essence of optimal maturity and moisture.

Nutritional Value

From the first to the third cut, we keep important vitamins for horse health. We turn this hay into good timothy pellets, showing our strong commitment to making top Timothy products. Our consistent quality ensures trust among horse owners and farmers.

Consistent Supply

We are the largest North American bulk Timothy supplier that takes in minimum delivery time. Our consistent top-quality timothy hay export extends all over the Gulf and Canada. With expansive fields and a dedicated team of farmers, we guarantee a consistent bulk supply all year round.

Affordable Prices

The Timothy grass from our farms offers excellence at comparatively low market rates. Our emphasis on quality and affordability ensures you benefit from exceptional value in every bulk purchase.

A Staple for Every Equine Diet

Timothy hay is key for a balanced horse diet. It helps digestion, supports muscle and bone growth, and is packed with essential nutrients, making it a favorite among many livestock enthusiasts.

Timothy Hay's Benefits for Horses

Timothy Hay's Benefits for Horses

Timothy hay promotes respiratory health in horses by being free from dust mites and additives.
Our high-quality hay supports the growth and vitality of young horses, aiding in their overall well-being.

Timothy Hay's Benefits for Cattles

Timothy Hay’s Benefits for Cattle

Maplegems' Timothy hay ensures purity, essential for the digestive health and nutrition of cattle.
Our premium hay helps in the optimal growth and development of cows, providing them with the nutrients they need to flourish.

The North American Superior Quality Promise

Our commitment to providing the best Timothy hay goes beyond just providing hay. We’re dedicated to the larger community of livestock farmers, trainers, and breeders. Our team is always available to answer queries, offer advice, and ensure you make the best nutritional decisions for your horse and cattle.

Next time you need bulk Timothy hay for horses and cows, contact North America’s top hay suppliers, Maple Gems, who are just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you order Timothy Hay online?

Maple Gems Inc. offers premium quality timothy bales exported across UAE, Canada, and Japan. We offer affordable solutions for fresh timothy and offer free shipping.

How much does Timothy hay cost per ton?
Contact us to inquire about the cost of Timothy grass. The price range varies depending on the bales’ first, second, and third cut and size.
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