1st Cut Timothy

The 1st cut timothy hay is the primary harvest from a timothy grass field, predominantly in late spring or early summer. At Maple Gems, we’re more than hay suppliers; we’re enthusiasts of the unique, rich experience that 1st cut timothy hay offers.

Distinctive Features of our 1st Cut
Timothy Hay

Our bulk supply of 1st cut Timothy hay direct from North American farms to UAE, Japan, and Canada offers.

High Fiber Content

As premium wholesale suppliers, we consistently retain the 1st cut of Timothy's fiber richness, offering optimal health benefits to horses, cattle, and livestock.

Unique, Coarse Texture

Our bulk processing of 1st cut Timothy grass accentuates the high stem-to-low leaf ratio feature, making it a favorite across livestock species, such as horses, cattle, and cows.

Peak Season Freshness

Harvested in North America, the 1st cut Timothy hay bales and pellets radiate natural freshness. With our specialized storage methods, every batch we deliver retains its vibrant green freshness.

Elevate Your Feed Experience with our 1st cut Timothy

As you scout for the bulk supply of the top quality first cut timothy hay, know that Maple Gems has earned the trust of discerning horses and livestock owners in North America and in far-reaching corners like the UAE, Canada, and Japan.

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