3rd Cut Timothy

Every blade of 3rd cutting of timothy symbolizes our dedication, specifically formulated for picky horses, cattle, and discerning livestock owners. The high protein and low fiber content and extra soft texture than the previous cut make it a choice for animals with dental issues, exported across Canada, Japan, and the UAE.

Distinctive Features Offered
By Us

Our 3rd cut timothy provides;

Optimal Nutrient Profile

Harvested from pristine North American fields, our hay is enriched with a higher mix of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, vital for the thriving of your livestock.

Unique, Coarse Precision

Through advanced techniques, we ensure our timothy hay retains the right amount of moisture. This maintains its lush green appearance and prevents mold growth, offering a safe feeding experience.

Rigorous Quality Checks

3rd cut Timothy bales and pellets, finer and softer, are more dust-prone. Therefore, every batch undergoes stringent quality assessments, ensuring a superior, non-contaminated bulk supply.

3rd Cut Timothy Excellence in Trusted Wholesale Delivery

Our Timothy 3rd cutting promises nutrition, care, and unwavering quality. With Maple Gems’ wholesale delivery, you’re not just feeding your horse or cattle but nurturing a legacy of health and vitality.

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