2nd Cut Timothy

At Maple Gems, our 2nd cut timothy hay stands out with its vibrant green hue. The 2nd cut hay, harvested in mid-summer to early fall, offers a unique nutrient balance for horses, blending the rich protein, vitamins, and minerals with the high fiber content of the first.

Hallmarks of our 2nd Cut
Timothy Hay

We are a proud wholesale exporter of 2nd cut timothy hay sourced directly from North American farms to the UAE, Japan, and Canada. We offer:

Optimal Nutrient Balance

As a trusted wholesale forage supplier, we offer an ideal mix of fiber and protein in our 2nd cut Timothy and stand out as the perfect feed for various livestock, from horses to cattle.

Consistent Freshness

Procured during North America's peak harvest season, our 2nd cutting timothy bales and pellets exude a deep, fresh green quality.

Premium Quality Feed

We provide compressed bales and pallets of 2nd cut Timothy grass significantly reduced in dust. This ensures optimal quality or production and packaging standards.

Discover Quality with our cost-effective 2nd cut Timothy Hay

Meticulously processed and packaged, each bale and pellet of 2nd cut timothy hay encapsulates the essence of this premium feed, making it a top choice for livestock owners in North America and distant markets like the UAE, Canada, and Japan.

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